About MnKnows

What is MnKnows, Dig Deeper @ Your Library?

MnKnows (or, read it Minnesota Knows, if you'd like) is a portal to Minnesota's online library services, welcoming you to use and explore the various electronic resources listed below. Minnesota's libraries cooperate to connect Minnesotans with the world of information, the content of their collections, and the expertise of their staff members. MnKnows is provided by Minitex, an information and resource sharing program of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota Libraries.

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About Ebooks Minnesota

Ebooks Minnesota logo.

What is Ebooks Minnesota?

Ebooks Minnesota is an online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages, and features content from our state's independent publishers, including some of our best literature and nonfiction.

How is Ebooks Minnesota funded?

Ebooks Minnesota is brought to you by Minitex and made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Department of Education through a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

MNLINK logo.

What is MNLINK?

MNLINK is a statewide system that serves as a discovery and interlibrary loan interface for library patrons and staff. Through our participating libraries, patrons have easy access to the catalogs of most libraries in Minnesota. The system also provides access to electronic resources that are available to Minnesotans. This includes electronic journals, images, and ebooks as well as access to the physical books that are held in libraries.

How is MNLINK funded?

MNLINK is administered by Minitex. Minitex is a joint program of the Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota Libraries. State Library Services, a division of the Minnesota Department of Education, provides additional funding to support services for Minnesota libraries and library users.

About eLibrary Minnesota (ELM)

eLibrary Minnesota logo.

What is eLibrary Minnesota?

eLibrary Minnesota provides Minnesota residents access to online databases of magazines, journals, newspaper articles, eBooks (electronic books), and other reference sources on a vast array of topics, including consumer information, arts and humanities, current events, health, science, social science, politics, and business. You can use eLibrary Minnesota online all the time—24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your local library, school media center, home, or work.

How is eLibrary Minnesota funded?

eLibrary Minnesota is brought to you by your local library or school media center, Minitex, and State Library Services, the Minnesota state library agency with state appropriations to Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the Minnesota Department of Education.

The legislative intent is to provide Minnesotans with the best possible access to information resources across the educational spectrum, including K-12, higher education, state government and public libraries.

About Minnesota Reflections

Minnesota Reflections logo.

What is Minnesota Reflections?

Minnesota Reflections is an online collection of more than 52,000 photographs, maps, journals, and documents. You can search and view these unique resources from Minnesota's past: discover information about your family history; use it as a resource for writing about Minnesota history; access materials for use in class; or find out more about the cities and towns of Minnesota in which you live. Minnesota Reflections is a great resource for students, educators, historians, and all Minnesotans.

How is Minnesota Reflections funded?

The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL), a service of Minitex, is funded by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund of the Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution via the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS). Additional funding is provided by Minitex. MDL's collaborative partners, including the University of Minnesota, also contribute substantial in-kind services.

About AskMN

AskMN logo.

What is AskMN?

AskMN is an instant chat service that allows you to communicate with an experienced librarian anytime, day or night, seven days a week. Within minutes, a professional can respond to your question, linking you to reliable information and resources. You can expect your session to take between 5 and 20 minutes. If your question requires further research, the librarian may follow-up your chat conversation with an email. AskMN is a free service available to Minnesota residents and students only.

How is AskMN funded?

AskMN is brought to you by Minitex and participating Minnesota libraries.